• "I drive 30 min to see [Noelle Owens] twice a week because she is the best trainer I've ever worked with. She gets to know you and what your body needs for the best results. Absolutely love it!!!"
    Lotus Q
  • "I personally train with Noelle Owens she is an amazing trainer. I've seen fast transformation results with just the 3 months that I've been with her."
    Lotus Q
  • I've been with MBS for 3 years at the King William location. The organization keeps getting better. Great job MBS crew!
    Vanessa B
  • "They are not afraid to try new things, such as opening a store selling organic products, beginning a crossfit studio and continuing to run a 24 hour gym which is incredibly convenient."
    Vanessa B
  • "This isn't your typical gym, it is an intimate, non-intimidating atmosphere with a very friendly and welcoming staff… It is a great environment to workout which makes the sessions fly by."
    Alexa B
  • "Britt is a great asset as the King Williams Pilates instructor and Kimberly is a great personal trainer. Great job MBS crew!"
    Vanessa B
  • "I have been working out at MBS in Alamo Heights three times a week since 2008… The gym is small and intimate and the equipment is of the highest standards."
    Helen S
  • "I love this gym, MBS is extremely clean, the staff is friendly…and they have great equipment."
    Lotus Q
  • "This gym has been an incredible experience and has a real community feeling to it. The coaches truly encourage and care."
    Daniel T.
  • "To my delight, trainer Tatum Rebelle suggested I strap my daughter in her carrier and modify our workout to include baby-friendly exercises. Thank you, Tatum, and the rest of the MBS crew for being so awesome and non-judgemental. We love you!"
    Cassandra W
  • "MBS Fitness has all the necessities for myself. Convenient, true 24/7 access and very private with all amenities! Staff is wonderful and friendly!"
    Paul V
  • "MBS is the perfect boutique gym... the location is great and it's accessible 24/7 if you're a member."
    Alexa B
  • "I can come and go whenever I please - I love the 24 hour access. It is a relaxed, private environment and it feels like a community. Everyone is friendly and supportive - things that I don't get at other gyms."
    Anne M
  • "Worked out with Tom Trevino today. He is stellar. MBS is a great facility if you need to lose weight, get toned, and/or get your cardio on!"
    Natalia W
  • "Great for those who enjoy a small environment instead of a big box gym with lots of people. Have all the equipment you need. Great trainers!"
  • "The staff and trainers are all extremely encouraging, helpful and supportive. I cannot recommend MBS highly enough…"
    Helen S
  • "This gym has changed my life, attitude and physical well being and I am grateful."
    Helen S
  • "I love the clean and peaceful atmosphere at MBS, it allows me to focus on what I need for my personal time. I love my trainer Richard Garcia, he protects my body, and insures my consistent steps forward for a better more fit me."
    Denae S
  • "I've trained with Jake, Richard, Josh, & Claudia. All very experienced & very patient trainers who listen to the client's needs and concerns...Highly recommend it to others looking for a private, boutique experience."
    Alexa B

Bootcamp classes provide a great way to see quick results and provide extra motivation through friendly competition and encouragement from the team. Air Force veteran Cameron Croley creates a fun atmosphere while bringing years of experience and expertise to our “Body Sculpt” Bootcamp at our MBS Fitness King William location.

Offered twice a week, “Body Sculpt” Bootcamp classes are great for all fitness levels. Buy a class pass and enjoy access to our Yoga and Mat Pilates classes (all offered exclusively at MBS Fitness King William) as well. The best shape of your life starts today!

Stop by, email us at info@mbslife.com or call (210) 412-0398 for a complimentary 20-minute Fitness assessment!


Drop in $15
Week Unlimited $25
5 Class Pass $70
10 Class Pass $115

1st Mo. Unlimited $99
Monthly Unlimited $140

Personal Training Sessions

60 Minutes $80
45 Minutes $60
30 Minutes $40

Duo and Triplet Training

60 Minutes $50
45 Minutes $40
30 Minutes $30

*Group Classes are available solely at the MBS Fitness King William Location