GET READY FOR Rowvember!

Everyone likes a little friendly competition, ya’ll. So this month we’re unveiling our new super-simple, super-competitive Monthly Mind Body Soul challenge program. Every month, members at Alamo Heights and King William locations compete for a small prize but mostly, for the glory. We can’t wait to celebrate the winner!

November Fitness Challenge

Alright, let’s get this out of the way already, and just call it Rowvember! That’s because our fitness challenge this month involves our awesome Concept 2 rowers; great machines for testing your physical strength and cardiovascular conditioning.

Your job is to row 250 meters as fast as you can.

Females, we want you to hit 1:00 or under.
Males, we want you to hit 50 seconds or less.

It won’t be easy but you have the entire month to work on improving your time. We’ll even keep some space set aside on the info board at both the Alamo Heights as well as King William locations to track all the action…

That said, If you’re new to rowing, one of our trainers (Link to trainer bios) can help get you set up. You can also check out this video for some basics on technique.

Will any of our ladies crush our standards and hit 55 seconds?

Will any of our gentlemen hit 45 seconds?

Best get to work to find out! Stay Tuned!

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