Let’s Move, SA!

MBS Blog 3

San Antonio, let’s make this the year of movement! As the phrase says, “A new year, a new you.” Let us help you make this phrase become a reality. Many times we say that at the beginning of the year we are going to start eating healthier and become more active, but then we forget about it. Well this year, DON’T! Let this year be the year you don’t forget, let this year be the year you move. Move yourself to a better, healthier life.

We can help you move into the New Year and the years to come! Let us shape your Mind, Body and Soul (MBS).

Come relax your mind at our spa with a massage or a facial. Massages and facials relieve stress and cause you whole body to gently flow into relaxation.

Shape your body by trying out a fitness class such as Combat Kung Fu, Acroyoga, pilates or come tryout CrossFit at Mind Body Soul CrossFit. Trust us, after a few classes, you won’t want to look back. Exercising produces endorphins, causing your mind, body and soul to be happy! Also, start eating new and real foods, which you can get at our Uncommon Fare store.

Relax your soul with some heated vinyasa or moon salutation. Allow yourself to escape your thoughts for a while and surrender to the beauty and relaxation of yoga. Your soul will thank you, as well as your body and mind!

All of these classes and other aspects of MBS will be offered at the beginning of January and we even offer lunch yoga! Come on San Antonio, let’s stop making excuses and let’s move!