Take Five


Take Five

I get it – you’re super busy with lots of responsibilities, duties and distractions. But let’s take five minutes to focus on something really important: you! Let’s go through a quick check list of your overall wellness to see how you’re doing.

Why? Because the better you take care of yourself, the better you’ll be at taking care of all those important people and things in your life as well. And that in turn will make the world a better place. Truly!

So we’re going to do a little self-assessment. A five minute inventory of how you’re feeling and what you’re doing. So right now, remove as many distractions as you can, find a quiet place, and let’s reflect on the following…

Right now, at this very moment, how do you feel – essentially what’s your mental state? Are you anxious, stressed, happy, or content? Is there something going on that’s currently putting you in this state? If you’re having a stressful or difficult time, take a moment to breathe, meditate, or journal to bring things back in line.

Next, stand up and stretch your arms way up overhead. Knock out a few shoulder circles, assisted squats, and any other basic movements you can perform. Did you feel or notice any pain or discomfort? Is it something new, or from a nagging injury you never fully got assessed and addressed? If you’re having pain anywhere of any sort, get it checked out, and come up with a plan to get things back in normal, pain-free, working order.

Now, when you woke up this morning, did you make sure to drink a glass or two of water? We tend to dehydrate overnight through respiration and other bodily functions (which is why your scale looks so good first thing in the morning). What’s your hydration been like today? Do you have your refillable bottle with you now? If it’s empty, go fill it up, and stay on top of your water intake.

What about food? DId you pack your snacks and meals for the day? If not, what’s your plan for getting some healthy eats later? Do you have a healthy snack stashed in your bag or purse in case one of your meetings go long or things get extra busy? And what plant based foods have you consumed so far today, and what fresh fruits and vegetables will you consume before the day is over?

Finally, have you already knocked out your workout today, or do you have plans to attend a class or go on a walk later? If not, review your schedule now and look for a 30 minute window where you can add in some activity. It doesn’t have to be major, it just has to be something. Heck, you can even put on your favorite playlist and dance around like a crazy person. Just make sure you make time to move today.

That’s it! Evaluation over… From here, try to fill in any gaps you noticed during this quick assessment, and make time each day to take a little personal inventory of where you are and what’s going on in your life. These little check-ins will help you stay tuned-in and connected, and lead to better overall health and wellness.

by: Tom Trevino
Tom Trevino is s personal trainer and wellness coach based out of San Antonio. He holds a B.A. from the University of Texas at San Antonio, multiple certifications from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, and is currently pursuing his Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification. He can be found at our Alamo Heights location, or aimlessly wandering the aisles of Central Market.