The Benefits of Personal Training



Spring Break is about a month away and we know this is when people will begin to flock to the gym to start preparing. Most times after a week or two of being at the gym, people begin to get bored and tend to forget about the Spring Break bodies they want to achieve. This is when having a personal trainer comes in handy. Personal trainers aren’t just for celebrities or athletes. Everyone and anyone can benefit from a personal trainer. Here are three benefits to having a personal trainer:


Personal trainers are able to hold you accountable for your goals and when you are supposed to be at the gym. They help you come up with goals, but along with that they also make sure that goals you set are realistic. Whether it’s running a mile non-stop or getting a strict pull-up, your trainer will help you come up with a plan on how to achieve your goal. Along with accountability, they motivate you during your workouts. You will never hear you trainer telling you that you CAN’T do something.

Proper Technique

Not having the right technique can easily lead into an injury at the gym. Personal trainers are able to show you the proper ways to do certain movements. Proper technique will help you in reaching your goals. Trainers are also able to hold you accountable for proper technique during your workouts. With a personal trainer by your side, you will be less likely to experience a rolled ankle, pulled muscle or any other type of injury.


Going to the gym is one thing, but after you’re on the treadmill for half an hour, then what do you do? A personal trainer is able to help you develop a routine that is realistic for you. They will assess the best routine for your life’s daily activities and what makes the most sense for you. They will not expect you to work out seven or even five days a week at the very beginning. Personal trainers are able to develop your routine based on what you are capable of doing, then helping you to meet and break through your limits.

Spring Break is almost here, so come get fit with us! We offer personal training at both our King William and Alamo Height locations. Call us at 210.412.0398 for more information.