Trainer 411: Fitness Myths

Trainer 411

Our own MBS trainers were asked: What is the one fitness myth you would like to bust?

Richard Garcia: “Pilates is a woman’s thing”

Here is a surprise to the men: Pilates was created by a man. A man who engaged the mind and the body to work uniformly encompassing flexibility, balance, mobility, core and strength – elements that all men need to be able to live a complete life.

Britt Lorraine:  “I will start Pilates once I lose weight”

Let me be clear: Pilates is for EVERYONE no matter where you are at with your body. Try not to be so hard on yourself with your plan…it sets up a war-like dualism that I feel is self defeating and unnecessary. Do not wait and demand a visual affirmation from your body. Have trust in yourself and in your body and just start moving!  I guarantee with this trust in yourself you will see and feel progress.


Josh Levine, MBS Owner and Founder:  “Lifting heavy weights will bulk you up”

Actually, it can slim you down. Women who lift a challenging weight for 8 reps burn nearly twice as many calories as women who do 15 reps with lighter dumbbells.


Claudia Ramirez:  “Do crunches to get rid of belly fat”

You cannot spot reduce belly fat with specific exercise. Unfortunately, we are predisposed to lose fat from certain areas first and often times your belly is one of the last places it comes off. Targeted exercise will only serve to build strength and/or size in those areas depending on your rep ranges. Losing belly fat starts and ends in the kitchen. Eat whole, healthy, one ingredient foods like chicken, fish, lean meats and tons of veggies!


Noelle Owens:  “I need to lose some weight before I start lifting weights” 

Imagine your body as a car. There’s a fuel pump (the heart) and the engine (the muscles), and the exterior (your skin). You will not improve the efficiency of your car by washing it or running it 24/7 – only by taking care of the engine will you improve its longevity and performance.

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