Trainer 411

Trainer 411

Our own MBS trainers were asked:  What is the one healthy habit your do every day?

Aubuchon_01Kimberly Aubuchon: I get up and start drinkin’! First thing I do when I get up in the morning is drink a large glass of cold water. It fires up my metabolism, keeps me hydrated, flushes out them toxins, gives my brain some wake-up fuel, and even helps me eat less in the morning. Nothing tastes better than a cold refreshing drink of water – especially on these hot and humid days – I feel focused and my entire body feels ready to start the day. After that, I try to consume 70+ ounces throughout the rest of the day. Water does a body good!


Josh Levine, MBS Owner and Founder:  Each day I do five Sun Salutation A’s and five Sun Salutation B’s. This keeps my body toned when I’m not able to add other components to my regimen. Also, it only takes 15 minutes so it allows me the opportunity to do some focused breathing when I don’t have time to get in my meditation practice. Strength, flexibility, and mindfulness are all incorporated in this one block of time.


Claudia Ramirez:  The one health habit that I practice every day is eating breakfast. I believe starting the day with a good hearty breakfast helps get me on the right path for the day. It boosts my metabolism and provides the steady energy that I need to train clients and fuel my own workouts.


Tatum Rebelle:  My health habit is that I do something for my health and fitness every single day. Some days I have the time, energy and motivation to get to the gym and do a tough workout, but more often I walk on my home treadmill while I work, or play with the dogs, or do a few minutes of squats or pushups. On days when I don’t work out my ‘something’ becomes making a large salad for dinner or drinking an extra tall glass of water. The consistent small healthy habits are enough for me to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Tom Trevino:  There are a couple of healthy habits I try to do every day, but the one thing I don’t miss is my daily walk – it is my personal time, my relaxation, my meditation, and my chance to get outside and connect just a bit with nature. The health benefits from a simple 30 minute walk are tremendous, so regardless of weather, or how busy I am, I make sure to do it every day as a personal ritual. Few things go perfect on a daily basis, but keeping up this positive health habit makes me feel like at least I’ve done one thing right, even on the worst days.