MBS Fitness brings strength, endurance, balance and support to your lifestyle. Our full-service fitness facilities provide clients with 24-hour access to equipment for individual workouts as well as an array of training and class options that focus on small groups. Our certified instructors and trainers specialize in giving personal attention and feedback to help each and every MBS member attain their fitness needs, from Pilates instruction to running coaching to yoga to individualized personal training.

At MBS we know that fitness doesn’t just stop after you get off the treadmill or the yoga mat, and our facilities provide amenities to get you out of the gym and on your way feeling fresh, clean and energized. We also have specialists on staff that provide assistance in nutrition and massage to help clients achieve their fitness goals efficiently and safely.

To talk with one of our dedicated MBS team members about how we can help you get in the best shape of your life,
contact (210) 412-0398.


At MBS, we offer a wide range of weights and training equipment for self-directed members. We also have a staff of more than 15 personal trainers and instructors available for private and small group sessions.


Many on the MBS team lead double lives as endurance athletes and weekend warriors, and have the certification and personal experience necessary to advise you on achieving your own long-distance goals.


MBS is pleased to count among its talented staff several instructors dedicated to yoga and Pilates. Whether its gentle stretching and relaxation or intense core work, MBS has it.


Make your fitness last a lifetime with nutritional counseling, massage services and amenities that make incorporating regular exercise into your busy daily life a breeze.