MBS Pilates is a movement and mindfulness-based wellness studio. We build physical strength and flexibility, while nurturing inner balance, mental efficiency, emotional calmness, and spiritual happiness. A rigorous Pilates foundation focuses on six core holistic principles:

1) Concentration

2) Centering

3) Control

4) Precision

5) Breath

6) Flow

Interwoven mindfulness training also provides our clients with daily reflection, spiritual sustainability, mental clarity, stress relief, and resiliency. MBS Pilates strives to build a diverse and welcoming community where we can challenge our bodies, our minds, and our spirits to grow and flourish. With greater strength, clearer minds, and rejuvenated healthy spirits, we become more productive, compassionate, and present for those special moments in life.

Class Descriptions

Mat: Introduction to Pilates: a foundation of fundamentals, organizations of the body, and learning to move the body with efficiency. This is a slow and educational Pilates flow focused on building physical and spatial awareness as well as strengthening the connection between mind and body.

Classical: This class focuses on anatomical movement and Integrating the mindful foundation. Students learn about advanced body movement, alignment, and continue to hone a mental connection to the self.

Athletic: Designed to fit into the daily workout for our seasoned Pilates enthusiasts, this class will provide a challenging flow routine that synthesizes mindfulness and physical endurance. Students must have some Pilates experience to take this advanced class. We will push our clients to their fullest potential in order to build fitness and confidence.

Restore: Relax, stretch, and breathe. This class is dedicated to 50 minutes of pure stretching and meditation. You will concentrate on slow controlled movements that alleviate stress and restore balance. Feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Jumpboard: Cardio class on the reformer.

Mat Pilates: Traditional mat class, involving mat 1, 2, and 3 movements and challenging both the mind and the body. Some fletcher towel and floor work will be included.

Fletcher Towelwork® + Fletcher Floorwork®: Towelwork® uses a towel as an extension of the body to help open up the chest, shoulders and hips. Floorwork® uses contractions and releases to get you moving and to work your entire body.

Stretch + Core Reformer: 45 min class that will stretch, relax, and restore your body with a twist of core work.