MBS Pilates is a movement and mindfulness-based wellness studio. We build physical strength and flexibility, while nurturing inner balance, mental efficiency, emotional calmness, and spiritual happiness. A rigorous Pilates foundation focuses on six core holistic principles:

1) Concentration

2) Centering

3) Control

4) Precision

5) Breath

6) Flow

Interwoven mindfulness training also provides our clients with daily reflection, spiritual sustainability, mental clarity, stress relief, and resiliency. MBS Pilates strives to build a diverse and welcoming community where we can challenge our bodies, our minds, and our spirits to grow and flourish. With greater strength, clearer minds, and rejuvenated healthy spirits, we become more productive, compassionate, and present for those special moments in life.

Class Descriptions

Fletcher Fusion: This Fletcher Fusion class will guide you through a variety of Pilates workouts involving a variety of evolved work using choreography from the Fletcher repertoire. These include use of Fletcher Floorwork®, Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Barre®, Fletcher Reformer, Fletcher Mat, Fletcher Roller, Spine Corrector, and Magic Circle. The variety provided will keep you engaged and feeling amazing!

Fletcher Barre®: The original Pilates Barre experience! This class focuses on the precision and technique of the signature exercises, but with an additional challenge that requires advanced muscle engagement and endurance. Intentional focus is placed on thigh and glute areas to isolate, sculpt and define each of these power muscles. Even the most practiced barre enthusiasts will be challenged to push the limits of their inner and outer strength.

Fletcher Reformer: Tone and sculpt your body in a full body workout class. Build strength and endurance by challenging the body through intermediate level movements on the reformer while utilizing the evolved Pilates work from Ron Fletcher. Particular emphasis on the breath work as inspiration to movement will be developed.

Fletcher Mat + Fletcher Floorwork®: Mat is the foundation to the Pilates Method and Fletcher Floorwork® incorporates movements created by Ron Fletcher infused with elements from Martha Graham. You will work on strength, mobility and balance simultaneously while integrating your mind, body and breath. Come challenge your core & more with an hour-long Fletcher Mat + Fletcher Floorwork® workout. Leave feeling successful, sweaty & challenged! Your spine will thank you! Attention to precise alignment, flowing motion and breath will help you achieve your ideal Pilates body.

Fletcher Chair: A challenging class to strengthen and align the body with power, precision and flow. The Fletcher Chair program offers dynamic exercises for every part of the body that continually tests balance, strength, and endurance. Exercises are performed lying down, sitting, and standing on the chair, as well as from positions at the sides of the chair. Join us for this electrifying workout sure to energize your full body!

Athletic Reformer with a Fletcher Flair: Designed to fit into the daily workout for our seasoned Pilates enthusiasts and athletes alike, this class will provide a challenging flow routine that synthesizes mindfulness and physical endurance. Students must have some Pilates experience to take this advanced class. We will push our clients to their fullest potential in order to build fitness and confidence. Emphasis to breathe work will be added to this class and exploration of evolved pieces by Ron Fletcher will be explored.

Fletcher Towelwork® + Fletcher Floorwork®: Take your Pilates practice up a notch! This fusion class of the Fletcher Towelwork® and Floorwork® will help you become more aware of your posture by opening up the chest and shoulders as well as opening of the hips! These two methods are ideal to start your day and week due to most of us spending our lives sitting behind a computer or sitting in a car for long periods of time driving in traffic. By using the towel as an extension of the body, you will find your shoulder imbalances and create more range of motion. Your shoulders will feel great by the end of the class. At the floor, you will work on using contractions and releases to get you moving and to work your entire body – including your feet. You will be sitting up taller than ever after taking this class! Consideration to alignment, flowing motion and breath will help you achieve you go further with your practice.

Jumpboard Pilates: Get ready to feel the burn in our Jumpboard Pilates class! Utilizing the Jumpboard on the Reformer, this class will add a cardio element to elevate the heart rate and burn those calories! Small props, including light handheld weights, balls, and the Magic Circle, will be added throughout the class to increase difficulty and to build strength. Don’t miss this low-impact class, guaranteed to give you a full body workout.

Mixed Apparatus: Experience the entire Pilates system during this hour-long session. Each day presents a new way to find deeper connections using the apparatus that Joseph Pilates designed. The apparatus included in these semi-private to quartet sessions that involve Reformer, Tower, Chair, Barrels and other small props.