NIGHT MOVES | Brian Caron

October 4 – December 27, 2019

A collection of nighttime images captured in San Antonio. They evoke a surreal space, somehow both desolate and alive. Light and color jump out of a hot, still South Texas night. As the city grows and changes, these structures may no longer exist, they may turn into the same strip malls, and parking lots in Anywhere USA. These photographs are meant to preserve what we have now.


Exhibition Archive


Subjective Timbre is an exhibition of works based on the color dualities of Johannes Itten's theory of color. Using naturally derived and synthetic dye processes, Miller will employ fiber and sculpture to explore an individual’s preferred color combinations.


FOTOSEPTIEMBRE: Vignette & Tango

The Vignette & Tango Stills & Motion photography exhibit showcases the talent and architectural beauty of San Antonio as seen through the lenses of local artists, Nina A. Padilla and Tiffany Perez.


PROJETS DISSOLVANTS | Catalina Sour Vasquez

Superimposing imagery that caters to the senses with her delicately designed mise en scene, while utilizing color and über surrealist elements, Vasquez allows the viewer to focus on one specific, if not subconscious, component of the photograph – often addressing the social impact of our mundane everyday lives and the toll that it infiltrates on our mental and physical well-being.