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Stacie Orsagh

Stacie is a San Antonio native, raised in a small town just outside the city limits. This little country girl LOVES love and believes in the power of love. She trusts that moving intentionally throughout life with kindness, grace and compassion can heal and she will live her days practicing this and encouraging others to do the same.
Stacie found healing through the mindful movement of yoga, breath work and the effective medicinal properties of essential oils. This is why she now teaches yoga. She wants to teach others to take their life back! “Back to Basic Wellness” is her mantra. She teaches with an intention of simple and mindful yet powerful movement and breath work combined with specific essential oils to enhance the experience.
She has practiced yoga for more than 9 years and never dreamed she would be teaching. She honestly had no desire to teach, for fear of her passion becoming a “job” but she is honored and humbled to be doing something that she loves and believes in. Her ultimate goal is to empower others to re-awaken their spirit one movement, and one breath at a time.