Tom Trevino

Tom is up and at the gym most days by 5 a.m., sans coffee. He’s not crazy, he just loves what he does and can’t wait to start the day and share his enthusiasm for life and movement with his clients and friends. He has a background in running, triathlons, cycling, strength training, nutrition and fat loss and holds a B.A. from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, with additional certifications and training from the Cooper Institute in Dallas. He’s also Onnit Foundations certified, and recently completed a Primal Movement course, along with Box N Burn Level 1 training. He’s the former coach and director of Team Marathon, was a member of the One-on-One Fitness Cycling Team, served on the Mayor’s Fitness Council, and has written extensively on health and wellness. When he’s not at the gym, he’s usually cooking and working on new recipes, exploring the city on two wheels, reading pretty much everything, and constantly working on self improvement. He can be reached directly at 210.685.2020.