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Both MBS Pilates and Yoga, have instructors and trainers who specialize in supporting prenatal clients throughout their pregnancy with both private as well as group pilates and yoga instruction here in San Antonio.  (We highly recommend you check with your medical provider to make sure you’re cleared for exercise!)


BALANCE: Prenatal yoga can help restore balance to a stressed and overtaxed nervous system. The combination of mindful movement, deep breathing, and whole body awareness can help to restore homeostasis.

FLEXIBILITY: Prenatal pilates can address some of the challenges of pregnancy, including newfound flexibility and range of motion, due to the hormone relaxin, which relaxes the ligaments of the pelvis.  Rather than solely stretching tissues, pilates demands control and strength at end ranges to support balance.

TISSUE STRENGTH: Both prenatal pilates and yoga can help strengthen tissues that may be weak, as well address the pelvic floor, abdominals, and spine.

SPINE HEALTH: Stretching may feel amazing but gentle strengthening is also critical- especially in managing a baby after delivery.  Constantly carrying a child, breast feeding, and carrying bags tax the body, so strong hips, arms, and a healthy spine are key.

WEIGHT: Keeping active throughout your pregnancy helps maintain a healthy weight which contributes to a number of positive affects on your overall experience including: increased stamina during labor, less risk of back and pelvic pain, and healthier lymph and blood circulation.  


Throughout pregnancy, the body changes drastically, and there are certain modifications for traditional movements.  Your instructor can help you find movements that are appropriate for your stage of pregnancy, as well as find new ways to move.  

To learn more aboutPrenatal Yoga and Pilates in San Antonio in order to develop the healthiest pregnancy possible, explore the options for classes and individual instruction at and

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Kayleigh Miller teaches Pilates and Yoga with MBS Fitness. Click here for her bio.