MBS Fitness June Foodie Challenge: Stick to Homemade Meals!

Well, how did it go and what did you learn from the May MBS Foodie Challenge? Did you drink more water, drink less wine/coffee, feel better and more hydrated overall? Hopefully so… Let’s build on that and take things up a notch by focusing on our actual food intake now and maximizing our connection to what we eat on a daily basis through homemade meals.


Your goal for the month of June is to prepare all your own meals and snacks from scratch- we have three options to choose from. Choose to do it for:

One day

One week

The entire month

Now, what does this entail exactly?

It means that you prepare, cook and make all your meals and snacks yourself- good ole fashioned homemade meals… 

Want a burger? Great! Just go to the store, grab all the high-quality ingredients you can of (think grass fed beef, organic tomatoes and such) and make it yourself. Same goes for pizza- mmmmm homemade pizza….(think cauliflower crust, etc.), salads (with dark leafy greens and a homemade vinaigrette), or whatever else you tend to consume on a regular basis – even energy bars (there are a ton of great recipes online).

Fresh Fruits and Veggies- ready to be added to a recipe for homemade food


The goal here is to personally connect with what you actually eat – to have an idea of every ingredient that goes into the foods you consume, and to have complete control of the quality. Homemade meals also help you get a better understanding of calories and serving size, since you’ll have every ingredient on hand, and be portioning out servings yourself.

Granted, this can be tough if you always have a power lunch or dinner meeting scheduled, but in lieu of that or other special occasions, see what it’s like to actually cook and prepare all your own goods. You may discover some great new healthy recipes, new flavors and spices, or even healthier snacks and treats that you prefer to chips and other non-essentials.

Give it a try for a day, and if all goes well, keep it up as long as you can, as often as you can for the month of June. In the end, you’ll have a new appreciation for all the foods you consume and will probably look, feel, and perform better too!

Share your experiences, questions or tips for success in the comments below! Let’s get some friendly support and accountability going with each other!

For personalized nutrition coaching and more in depth information on how to create and maintain healthy eating habits, as a Precision Nutrition level 1 coach, I can definitely help! Contact me at 210.685.2020 or tom@mbslife.com to schedule a consult.

MBS Personal Trainer Tom Treviño
MBS Fitness Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition level 1 coach,  Tom Treviño. Read his bio here.