Cross Over From Groggy Morning to Energized Day with Bridge Pose

MBS Yoga instructor Lesley Ramsey demonstrates Bridge Pose.

Both a backbend and an inversion, Bridge Pose (or setu bandhasana sarvangasana in sanskrit) can pretty much be anything you need it to be—an energizer on a sluggish morning, or a relaxing tonic after a hectic day. Let Bridge Pose change your perspective on a rough morning, or help ease you into a good night’s rest.

Benefits of Bridge Pose

  • Stretches shoulders and opens the chest after being hunched over a laptop all day
  • Energizes tired legs after biking around Southtown
  • Stretches quads and deep hip flexors, which you need after lots of sitting
  • Stimulates adrenals and abdominal organs- good for digestion
  • Calms the brain
  • Reduces anxiety and alleviates headaches, fatigue and insomnia
  • Supported versions of Bridge Pose help relieve menstrual discomfort, backaches and headaches
MBS Yoga Instructor Caitlyn Garrison demonstrates a juicy supported Bridge Pose, using two blocks under the sacrum, and a strap looped around the waist to hold up one leg at a time.

You can practice Bridge Pose with Lesley or Caity at our 6 am Rise Strong classes! Sign up today!

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Lesley Ramsey


About the Author: Lesley Nicole Ramsey gets up before her chickens at least three days a week to teach 6am Yoga at Mind Body Soul Yoga Studio in King William. Getting up early gives her more time to grow vegetables, work on a memoir, and these days, watch lots and lots of Game of Thrones.