Community Commons and Shared Space in Southtown

Community Commons and Shared Space 

July 5 – July 31st • Doors Open, Free for All at the Following Times


Find your Flow: Open Community Practice 

T/TH  5:30 am – 6:45 am 

MBS Yoga Studio and Gallery opens its doors to the community for independent, unled yoga practice or contemplative practices of any kind. 

An MBS instructor will be in attendance for guidance with yoga, pranayama or meditation.


Daily Meditation and Pranayama

Every Day: Tonglen – 11:11 am and 3:33 pm – Eyes Open

Led by Pema Chodron (online)

Holding Space – Joshua Levine


Pranayama Meditation

MWF  5:15 am – 6 am 

Led by Joshua Levine


Laughing Mantra

M/Th 11:33 am 

T/W/F  4 pm  

Sat/Sun 8 am

Led by Joshua Levine and others


Singing Bowl Healing Meditation 

MWF, Sat  Noon

Led by Joshua Levine 


Silent Mantra Meditation 

MWF  5:15 pm – 5:45 pm 

Sat/Sun  8:15 am 

Eyes Closed

Led by Joshua Levine 


Mindful Nature Hikes and Outdoor Activities To Be Announced