On Demand Mini Retreats Make the Work Day Better

MBS Back to Business ONLINE 5-Day Mini-Retreat

Perfect for employees working from home or at the office, this 5-Day Online Program uses movement, meditation and mindfulness to build structure and balance into the work day. Each day will have the following offerings:

  • Daily email with self-inquiry writing prompts and other optional self care activities
  • Morning 15-minute meditation to set intentions for the day
  • Midday/lunchtime: Alternating days: 30 minute chair yoga or 45-minute vinyasa yoga class — both styles of classes designed to calm the mind while boosting your energy through stimulating movement.
  • Afternoon coffee break 15 minute stretch and invigorating breath practice at your desk

Make it a Micro-Retreat by requesting any of these services a la carte!

Contact Lesley@mbslife.com for pricing options for individuals and groups.