Foods & Fads

MBS Trainer Tom Treviño knows from personal experience that food fads don’t work. Simple, sustainable, life-long habits are the key to optimal health—and fitness.

by Tom Treviño

The first marathon I did had nothing to do with running, and everything to do with disordered eating.

I was a fat kid who had become an obese adult, who adopted a series of incredibly restrictive eating protocols and extreme exercise routines in order to lose weight and be ‘healthy’.

Sound familiar?

As a health and wellness coach, it’s the most common story I see and hear from clients: they adopt temporary and often highly restrictive diets along with chronic exercise as a means of fat loss, or in order to maintain a specific weight or size.

The problem is neither approach is sustainable long term, and if we really want to have an impact on our overall health, we need to look at habits and patterns that we can incorporate into our lives for as long as we plan to wander the earth.

That means adopting and understanding some baseline principles of nutrition (as opposed to blindly following trendy programs), and using activity as a means of recreation, stress relief, and improved overall health instead of a tool for weight loss.

More to the point: all the time, money and effort spent on workouts and workout gear and gadgets would be better spent on acquiring and practicing the basics of a solid nutrition program. If you don’t have that, all those extra miles and all those extra steps are just wasted time.

Beyond that, we know that our sleep patterns, mood, and cognitive abilities have been shown to be affected by the foods we eat (or the ones we don’t). And as far as skin conditions, hair and nail integrity, and all those gut issues? They could all very well be connected to food too.

In our continuing quest to optimize ourselves, make sure you’re investing where it counts. Make it a priority to establish the basics of a high quality, nutrient rich diet, and you’ll be amazed at the results it yields.

Tom Treviño is a health and wellness guide, and Precision Nutrition certified coach. He can be reached directly for appointments and consultations at