New yoga teachers bring a variety of new styles

We’ve got four new teachers on the schedule offering yoga classes in a variety of styles both in person and online!

  • Monday, 7:30 pm Yin and Yang Yoga with Adam Tutor (online)
  • Thursday, 6 pm All Bodies Movement and Flow with Amanda Millette (online and in person)
  • Thursday, 7:30 pm Restorative Flow with Angelica Covarribuias (online and in person)
  • Saturday, 9 am Restorative Flow with Angelica Covarrubias (online and in person)
  • Sunday, 10 am  Sunday Morning Flow with Surya Kalidindi (online)


Surya Kalidindi, Sunday Morning Flow

This all-levels Vinyasa flow starts with mindful Breathing exercise to bring wandering mind into present moment and then flows into traditional yoga postures for stretching & strengthening your body. And at the end, we close with a small Sanskrit prayer to invoke your sacred soul. Perfect for anybody who is looking to connect with their true being and at the same time get refreshingly strong.

Amanda Millette, All Bodies Movement and Flow

This class has an easy and upbeat pace! We might start with a breathing meditation to connect to the present moment. Then the sequence begins with some simple and grounding movement linked to the rhythm of your own breath to warm up the body. We will flow into some standing postures, incorporating balance, strength and focus to achieve a well rounded practice that aims to connect our body and mind to harmony.

Angelica Covarrubias, Restorative Flow

This all-levels class brings mind and body together in meditative movement and relaxing postures. Perfect for athletes recovering in between workouts, runners, and strength trainers, you will leave feeling relaxed and recharged.

Adam Tutor, Yin and Yang Yoga: Balancing Our Core Essence

A unique blend of pranayama, hatha, and an extended savasana/guided meditation, Yin/Yang Yoga balances the divine masculine and feminine within each one of us, creating clarity in our purpose, ease in our breath, and direction for our path inwards. Mantras for the class include “I am strong, still, steady” and “I am freeing, flowing, feeling”.

BONUS: Live music savasana by class instructor and mindfulness musician Adam Tutor