Make 2020 Your Best. Year. Yet.

In her best selling book, The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin declared September “the new January.” The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company agree! Even if it still feels like summer outside, Fall is an optimal time for reflection and setting your sights on the new year:

  • With the start of school, families get back into routines, and that helps people get organized and set goals.
  • Summer efforts can get derailed because of vacation.
  • September is one of the biggest months for enrolling in weight-loss programs, going to the gym, and cooking at home.
  • People often take steps to change careers in September, and work on household budgets.

Besides, has waiting until January ever worked for you? Forbes estimates that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions!

MBS Director of Studios Lesley Ramsey is offering a course this fall to steer you in the right direction. Her Align for Life series will help you discover (if you have no clue!) or articulate (if you have an inkling) your deepest life purpose, unearth the unconscious commitments you’ve made that keep you from fully enacting that purpose, and give you tools for working with the inevitable resistance that arises when we try to make change in our lives. The course draws from yoga philosophy, psychology, and the wisdom of creative recovery, and builds on Lesley’s 20 years of experience as a nonprofit executive, advocate and entrepreneur. The in-person sessions will include yoga movement, but it’s NOT a “YOGA” workshop. This series is accessible for all bodies and abilities. For more information, contact Lesley at or attend the information session at MBS Yoga (1115 S. Alamo Street), Sunday, August 11, at 5 pm.