Food for Thought: Peaches

Adding a little more fruit to your diet in this hot summer can do you a world of good. Fruit can be hydrating and generally has a cooling effect when added to salads or pilafs, or just eaten fresh and raw. Peaches are a great addition to your diet this season. This versatile fruit can be eaten fresh in salads and salsas, cooked into desserts including frozen goodies like ice cream and popsicles, or added to your favorite beverages.

Peaches are rich in vitamins C and E, and beta-carotene. According to WebMD, one medium peach can give you as much as 9% of the fiber your body needs each day. High-fiber foods can protect you from health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and colorectal cancer. According to, Peaches may lower risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Lucky for us, we just a short drive away from fresh Texas Hill Country peaches. Check out this guide to buy your peaches fresh off a nearby farm.