Attention Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathoners!

This “yoga” class is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Building yoga workout recovery into your training will help decrease injury, increase flexibility in runner-prone problem areas such as the IT band, hip flexors and hamstrings, and help correct musculoskeletal imbalances.

This series is designed to complement your training program with a mindful movement practice that focuses on strengthening and lengthening the specific areas that can be problematic for runners. During this 6-week program, classes are tailored for the runner’s body, with a targeted movement practice to restore symmetry, stretching, joint mobilization, self massage and down regulation of the nervous system with breath and position.

Participants will practice mindful dynamic strengthening exercises, breathing strategies and self massage techniques that serve to support elasticity and strength in your body’s tissues for training, competing and recovering from your endurance event.

The program consists of 6 weekly sessions that target your body’s tissues specifically your fascial network. Fascia is your body’s internal ‘bodysuit’ that provides structure for all of your organs, muscles and blood vessels. Fascia is a whole body communication system that moves fluids, hormones, nutrients, waste products as needed through your entire body from bones to skin.

With proper training, healthy fascia helps you move better with smooth efficiency. Healthy fascia provides natural elastic recoil to each step you take giving you that literal “spring “ that propels you toward the finish line. With Intelligent Training and Skillful Recovery we set ourselves up for success and minimize chance of injury.

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