Meet a Trainer: Felicia McBride

MBS: What made you want to be a personal trainer?

Since I am dancer, I have a really good understanding of my own body. After so many different injuries and trips to the physical therapist, I knew I eventually wanted to help others through my own experiences. Personal training allows me to do that!!

MBS: What is your unique approach to your clients?

I really focus on balancing the imbalances in each individual body. Working each time to move a little more and stretch a little further!

MBS: What advice to you have for people who want to make dramatic changes in their health and wellness?

Take it one day at a time! It can feel so overwhelming, trying to change your habits, but if you take it one day at a time it’s achievable!!

MBS: What stretch or warm-up/cool-down move should everyone be doing as part of their routine?

I really recommend some kind of hip flexor stretch. Since we sit so much as a society, our hips are always flexed, so it’s important to counter the flex with a stretch each day if you can.

MBS: What motivates you every day?

Thinking about my longevity. Each day is another day to keep myself healthy and moving which will only prolong my life! All the work I do is worth it if it means I can be around that much longer.

MBS: How do you motivate your clients?

The same way I motivate myself. Each time I see my clients, I remind them of how much good they are doing for themselves by showing up each time!!

For more information about working with Felicia, give us a call at 210-412-0398