Hot Summer Schedule Starts June 1

Our expanded Summer Schedule at the Southtown location starts June 1. And to encourage you out of the hot sun and into a hot yoga class, we’re kicking off the season with a Buy 5, Get 5 For Summer promotion!


New on the schedule are a couple of classes to round out your fitness routine with a little TLC. Tuesday and Thursday mornings, MBS Yoga Director Lesley Ramsey will guide you through an hour of gentle and functional movement incorporating yoga postures, breath work, self massage, and fascia release. “Yoga-ahh” is a perfect workout “recovery” class and will leave you feeling loose and limber for your next workout.

Josh is introducing an early morning pranayama — yogic breath work — class called SKY (Sudarshan kriya yoga) Meditation. According to this review of clinical research on SKY Meditation, “There is mounting evidence to suggest that SKY can be a beneficial, low-risk, low-cost adjunct to the treatment of stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, stress-related medical illnesses, [and] substance abuse.”

Click here to see the full schedule online with class descriptions and purchase 10 for just $70 for a limited time!